We do not use any dairy, eggs or animal products. This includes vegan dyes and flavorings.

Our products are made on machinery that is used for things like peanutbutter frosting. While thoroughly cleaned a(er each use please proceed accordingly especially for severe allergies.

Our regular goodies are not gluten free. Most of our stu) can be made gluten free upon request.

While we use soy milk and products for our treats we can make adjustments due to allergies by replacing the soy with other vegan substitutes like rice or coconut milk.

In November we will have our baked goods available at Rocking Ice in Huntngton Beach. In early 2017 we will have a retail location.

Yes, we do weddings. And birthdays, baby showers, bar mitzvah’s and your Aunt Ellen’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Some cakes can be made upon request.

It was amazing and fun and challenging. We had a blast!

We could but to be honest these are so much better that we really don’t want to. Plus vegan goodies are cholesterol free!